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This is the check-in counter in Christchurch. The New Zealand Air Force cleared me through customs. My luggage was weighed and then myself. I had put on a few new pounds with my survival gear on. Fortunately I was with in regulations and was not tossed in the cargo bin with the luggage.

In-flight entertainment was limited, as was the legroom. No bulkhead seats on this flight. Or windows for that mater.

The in-flight meals were actually pretty good. Supper sized sack lunches for all. Unfortunately no cocktail cart though.

Here is my new home, McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

This is Mt Erebus, the southern most active volcano in the world. I just hope it does not get too active as it is in my backyard. Behind the truck is a floating glacier that has descended from Erebus. I was out here during sea ice training looking for and identifying different cracks.

On our way back to the station we came across this napping Weddell Seal.








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