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Welcome to Antarctica. I will be stationed here from October 1999 through February 2000.
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Yes, it is true as you can see I am still a bit lost. But have no fear as I am headed in the right direction.
Last year I climbed a mountain in Idaho seeking the answers to life’s many mysteries. Upon reaching the summit all I could find was this little bald guy named Bubba. When I asked him for guidance he suggested I consult his cousin Buddha for the answers. I took this advice and last spring I trekked the mountains of Nepal seeking out the Buddha and his wisdom. When I found him he told me that I might have to sail the Seven Seas and travel to the corners of the earth in order to find the answers I desired. I had faith in Buddha as I did with Bubba and took his advice. This past summer I became a pirate and sailed the high seas of the Caribbean. Unfortunately though at the end of the voyage I was still unable to solve the riddle. I continue to follow Buddha’s advice and am now traveling to the ends of the earth. Currently I am at the bottom end in Antarctica. This end is also the last continent on earth for me to visit. While here I am hoping for that ray of light to shine down with the answers. Luckily the sun shines 24 hours a day here, increasing my odds. If I do not find the answers here I will keep on looking until I do.
Now that I have become a bit more technologically enlightened I would like to invite you on this part of my Quest! Click on the links at the bottom to see what I am up to.

Stay tuned to this page as it will be growing. Hopefuly it will grow at a faster rate than the glaciers here.
You can also find me here dcarpedium@hotmail.com

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